streetaddSieg Heiriss from SK Heiriss Incorporated touched on a very valuable way of obtaining information about a property and or owner, but using mostly free government information tools. Here is a step by step process on obtaining such information in KwaZulu Natal first, we will tackle the other centres in future editions.

So you start off by having the street address of the property, for this example I’m going to use 29 Adelaide Drive in Glenashley Durban.

Step 1:
We go to, select the property type and click the “Go” button. Enter the street name and click “Search”, and you should get a listing of the properties in that street with the owner’s names.



Step 2:
Now go to, click on GIS Map and select the Street Address, and enter your street address details. This will now give you the property parcel information, and the diagram of the area. For a pretty picture of the area, click the “Airpic_c”. This allows you to see surrounding properties and if you use the “Identity” key on the left menu, you can click on any adjoining property and get the details of that property as well. (editor: – this site has chnged quite a bit, you will need to browse around to find what you are looking for, sorry for the inconvenience.)



Step 3:
Now using this information you are now equipped to perform a “Contact Information” or “Consumer Profile” which will give you contact details and the ID number for the owner/s. Using something like SearchWorks, Windeed, AfriDeed etc..



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