telpcSkype is offering a “South Africa 400” package, which costs €9.95 ex VAT per month. If you convert that to local Rand, it comes to R127.44 for the 400 minutes, which equates to 32c per minute.

This includes all land telephone numbers in South Africa irrespective of the time of day. A call to the United Kingdom would cost you 19c per minute. Cellular calls cost about R2.11 per minute, so stick to the cellular phone if calling other cellular phones.

Why we like this offering, is that there is no R50 per month rental fee, we can use the “phone” from anywhere as long as we have access to the internet – so if you travel a lot, this is ideal. When we find it more expensive than the other offerings, we just cancel. We also find the quality better than other VoIP connections.

Some things to think about for land line calls.

Telkom charges 57c as a minimum charge per call irrespective of the length of the call. It then charges R0.00950 per second for calls greater than 50km away, which equates to 57c per minute, and for local calls (less than 50km) it charges R0.00573 per second, which equates to 34c per minute. Off peak per minute charges are about half this amount, but the minimum charge is still 57c. Don’t forget that Telkom also has the line rental of R108.85, before you start, and that they charge in 30 second segments, not by the second.

Please read our story by John Wallace on the Skype Credit, and be extra careful. We used Pay Pal for the transaction, so there is at least a trusted third party to get involved if things wobble.


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