google searchYou can use Google search facility inside of Safari on the iPad, by going to the web page – but the iPad application “Google Search” just works sooo much better…


The app is free, when you first open the application it looks just like the Google search page on your PC, with a couple of extra functional icons.

GoogleSearch iPad

After you perform a search and click (or tap really) the result, it loads the web page in a new tab, you can then swipe the tab across to the right to perform another search and then swipe it back anytime you want to return to the page. A nice way to bounce between the results and actual pages.

On the Image results screen, once you have clicked on an image, you can scroll through the large images by swiping left and speak now

The menu ribbon across the top of the screen has a link to the Google Applications like Gmail, Google+, News, Translate to mention a few. One of the really funky features in this menu is the Voice Search – I tried to trick it by asking it for “movies showing in uMhlanga” – it recognised my Souf Afrikan accent with the peculiar pronunciation of uMhlanga! That is impressive – Dragon Dictate would be in serious trouble if Google wanted to venture into voice dictation.

Another nifty feature is the webpage preview screen, which gives you a preview of the web page that has been found and you can the swipe through the results. You can save yourself a bit of time not visiting sites that are off topic.

Swiping the search application to the right reveals the search history.

In conclusion, a better web search experience than using your traditional web browser with a couple of extras. Try it you’ll like it!


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