survey questionsThis article that we found speaks to both people who use iPads and also those who are considering buying the tablet device. As an iPad user I cannot tell you how many times people ask the question, “What do you use the iPad for?” or “When do you use your iPad?”. At last we have something to show them!

An article by “The iPad Fan” reports on the survey done on 2000 UK iPad users by Imano, focuses on where, how and when people use their iPads.

The report says that 98% of people surveyed use the iPad to browse the Internet, which I have to agree with, but I think that the majority of this 98% use online magazines which gather the information from online news sites and blogs, much like Flipboard – the popular news, social media and blog reader that puts it all into your personal magazine.

The results to the survey are in a graphical format which quickly tells the story, unfortunately some of the labels are a little small.

Read more at The iPad Fan…


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