notebook-plus-iconNow that the shortcut series for Microsoft Word has come to an end, I decided that it would be a good idea to start a series of tips for the Apple iPad.

The idea is not that I profess to know all there is to know about applications or the tips, but that we share useful information on the usage of iPads and specifically when being used in law firms.

The first application that I think is worth mentioning is the Notebook+, which not only allows you to use your finger to take notes but also allows you to record the conversation at the same time. Something like those intelligent pens that record while you are writing notes, but not as well. With the intelligent pens, you simply click on your handwriting to get a playback of audio at that specific time. With Notebook+ the recording is made with reference to the page but not the location on the page. A way around this could be simply to number the paragraphs with reference to the recording that was made.

notebook plus

Another nice touch to this simple application is that you can switch to typing at any stage on the page should your fingertip become numb!

notebook plus type

Adding pictures is quick and easy, obviously provided the pictures are on the iPad.

If you really enjoy the free version of the product, you can upgrade to the Pro version which is available for $4.99, but it seems this is only available from the USA iStore. The Pro version of the application offers a backup and restore function, different page layouts including grids or lines, being able to print your pages and a PDF export capability.

Although I think this is a great application I think the finger note taking falls a little short of other applications available from the iStore. E.g. The Bamboo application.

Has anybody else tried NoteBook+ or have any other note taking applications that they think are worth mentioning? Please use the comments below to share your ideas.


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