iOS6 logoApple says that this new version for your Apple devices will make your day to day tasks even easier. We have summarised what the new features are but have not done extensive tests on these features. The idea is to allow you to make a better informed decision whether to upgrade or not.

The maps have been redesigned making graphics and text extremely clear and allows for very smooth panning in and out of the images. There is also visual and spoken turn by turn navigation with real-time traffic notifications.

Siri – for iPad new generation, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5
Siri now seems to understand more questions in more languages and allows you to ask your Apple device for stats, scores, restaurants or even movie houses so that you don’t need to touch the screen but merely talk to your device and let Siri do the rest.

The integration with the world’s largest social network seems to have had a lot of attention from their development team. iOS 6 is now fully Facebook enabled and allows you to share just about anything on your device onto Facebook without opening the actual Facebook application.

You can now share selected photographs with other people by merely selecting them and clicking the share button. People using an iOS 6 device will get their photos delivered immediately into their photos through the iCloud, people not using at iOS 6 device will have their photos delivered via the Web.

This provides an electronic copy of your boarding passes, movie tickets, concert tickets and shopping coupons that are loaded and stored on the device. This nice thing about these tickets is that they are location sensitive and automatically triggered and displayed when you are in the zone. For example if you are at the airport your boarding pass will be brought up on the lock screen and will even notify you of changes to the boarding routine.

Facetime now works over 3G as well as over Wi-Fi. You can even make calls using your cellphone numbers.

It seems Apple has now caught up with offering call options when calls are received allowing you to send a message based on a few standard replies.

It is now easier to add photos to your mail and there is a new feature to add VIP people so that messages from important people are never missed.

iCloud enables Safari to work a little smarter when you’re using an iOS 6 device. No matter which device you are using with Safari, it uses the information stored on iCloud and has you back exactly where you were on the other device. This may convince people to use Safari on their desktops.

iOS 6 has enhanced the features to make the device easier to use for people who are disabled. Certain applications and home screens can be disabled to limit the functionality of the device.

YouTube application
It has been removed from the available applications on the iOS 6 devices, but you can download the application from the iStore.

You can now share your calendar with others or the general public.

Panorama photos – Only iPhone 4S and 5
The panorama feature allows you to get a 240° image by using your camera in a single capture movement, left to right or bottom to top.

Find my friends
This shares your location with your friends or family, not only can you see who is close by but it also allows you to have alerts based on locations. These alerts are great to be notified when you’re children are leaving school or arriving at home while you are at the office. (Maybe all traffic police should enable “find my friends” so we know where the speed traps has been set up.)

There is more detailed security for social networking interfaces and it is now possible to limit ad tracking, so you have less advertising banners while trying to read your content.

In summary
I would wait a week or two before jumping in, that should give Apple enough time to receive feedback and to correct know issues in later updates.


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