blank screenThis morning I switched on my Windows 10 computer to find that after the Windows logo appeared, both screens on the system when blank, with only the mouse pointer to be seen. The start up jingle played, so I assumed that the PC was alive, but just not showing me anything.

The other thing I noticed is when the PC did allow me to login, it would not allow me to run any of the Metro applications, if I clicked on the app icon nothing would happen.

After much Googling and also phoning my trusted IT suppliers at ITWorks, I switched the computer off, unplugged the second screen from the computer, as well as all of the extra devices like wireless mouse, keyboard etc. Restarted the system and it went back to normal.

It seems that one of the latest updates to Windows 10 caused a bit of a problem with the graphics drivers. I found the latest drivers for my graphics adapter and installed those – although I have a feeling once you reconnect the second screen things will refresh in the system device manager and all should be OK.

Once it was back to normal, I reconnected the second screen and the extra devices and I am back in business. (Backups running as I type 😉


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