Mac vs Windows

Most tech users are vehemently loyal when it comes to their platform choices. But I suspect there are open-minded people on both sides of the macOS vs. Windows operating system debate who aren’t aware of what the other side has to offer—or maybe you’re just curious. So here I compare the standard operating system features from Microsoft and Apple one by one. Each category has a winner or is declared a tie, and at the end I tally up the points to declare an overall winner. Note that this is a different exercise than how PCMag reviews products, which involves rating each product as a whole in its category rather than as the sum of its parts, as I do here.

The features, hardware, and software support compared below are only a few of the factors to consider when choosing an operating system. You might also base your decision on what the people around you use, your device ecosystem (including your smartphone and tablet), your business needs, and your personality. And don’t forget that Linux and Chrome OS are options, too, as long as you don’t need to run demanding software like professional video editing programs. For most people, the choice is between the big two operating systems: Mac or Windows.

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