AJS Understanding Tech Buzzwords

Understanding Tech Buzzwords – Like Augmented Reality (AR)

Choices. Choices are a big part of our everyday life. From what we are going to eat to what colour we are going to...
Tech Buzzwords by AJS

Understanding Tech Buzzwords

Like AI In this day and age with the likes of ChatGPT floating around, you are – at least in some way - utilising AI...
Google Searches Tricks

Speed up your Google searches with this hidden trick

Almost everyone uses Google, and for most of us that means pasting text into our browser’s address bar, or typing text into same. But...
Top 5 keyboard shortcuts

Top 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts mac and pc. My top five. If you’re of a certain age, the first computers you used did not have mice. They...
Automation for lawyers tips

Let’s Automate: Easy Automation Tips

Automation is defined by IBM as “a term for technology applications where human input is minimized.” In a law firm this could be as...
The printer bills more than you

The photocopier bills more than you

There are few pieces of office equipment as important as the humble photocopier. Originally, only copies were made of original documents and merely simplified...
Robin Gerhold

The importance of adopting technology in the modern law firm

By Robin Gerhold on behalf of LexisNexis South Africa The legal profession is known to be notoriously slow to adopt technology. Even the most useful...
Web-Based Accounting

Why is web-based software a game-changer for law firms?

There are a number of reasons why law firms should implement web-based software solutions. But the bottom line is that it reduces costs, improves...
Thabo Molefe

Next-gen solutions boost legal success

Trends towards downscaling and outsourcing are set to persist in the current economic climate. Larger corporates seek to reduce overheads, including office space and...
Productivity tips for lawyers

Productivity Hacks for Lawyers: Are you Using These Tools?

Lawyers juggle between multiple tasks during a work day and find themselves constrained for time. The legal profession is becoming extremely demanding. Lawyers often work...
How to cut Telkom Contract

How to cancel your Telkom account

Many Telkom customers have complained about issues trying to cancel their accounts, with some being unable to process their cancellations for months on end. Telkom recently...
Five Ways for Law Firms to Become More Efficient

Five Ways for Law Firms to Become More Efficient

Modern law firms and legal departments continually look for new ways to increase their efficiency and drive productivity. Nevertheless, less than 30% of law firms have...