bonus1Our poll this month is to find out whether readers got a bonus last year. The first thing people think, is that somebody will see your vote – and the answer is NO they cannot! Then the next thing they want to know, is why this is important to others – and the answer to that is, Well YES it is important to others, if you work extremely hard during the year, and know that the company you worked for did rather well – you deserve a bonus.

It is then very calming to be able to look at the results of the poll and work out that most people did not get a bonus, then relatively speaking you have not been taken advantage of, or to see that everybody else did get a bonus and you did not, then the message is rather clear – find another job! So you see, it is useful for everyone to do the survey, just click on the appropriate radio button and click “vote” simple and effective. Thanks in advance. BTW, I did not get a bonus. ;-(


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