We have received written confirmation that all deeds offices will open tomorrow the 13th of May 2020 as per instructions from the Minister and Chief Registrar. The various Registrars of Deeds will issue protocols and safety measures for each office. It is important to note that only conveyancers will be allowed access to the Deeds Offices

The Chief Registrar issued the following general instructions (quoted verbatim):

Deeds offices will open on 13 May 2020.

1. All Registrars of Deeds and Chief Directors will work remotely.

2. The office of the Chief Registrar of Deeds will work remotely, expect for ICT and Corporate Support Services that will work from the office when there is a need to do work on the system.

3. Deeds offices will open for conveyancers but not members of the public while we are still under L4.

4. All workflow processes must continue uniformly in all offices as per SOPs.

5. Provision of Information to the public will either be through DeedsWeb or via emails.

6. Notices regarding issuing of copies of deeds in the place of lost deeds that lay open for inspection by the public in deeds offices: OCRD is looking into issuing a CRC that it will be loaded on the DeedsWeb and that objections/comments/concerns can be sent via email while we are working under L4.




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