Cape Town

Attention: Cape Town Attorneys Association 

Date: 11 May 2020

Conveyancing Firms 

Subject: Re-opening of Deeds Offices 

Dear Conveyancers 

Departmental Circular 6 of 2020 refers. The Director General has directed that deeds offices open on 13th May 2020, subject to all safety measures being in place. 

The management of this office has met today, to discuss the circular and to finalise plans for the re-opening of our office. 

However, we still await receipt of the PPEs which we are advised will arrive on the 12th May 2020. 

Furthermore, in terms of the circular, only 18 officials are allowed to report to work which leaves us with very little examiners. We have raised our concerns with the Chief Registrar of Deeds (CRD) who has forwarded same to the National Covid-19 Committee and await their response. 

Presently, there are approximately 600 deeds, awaiting senior examination. Over the 1st few days, our plan is to work off those deeds. 

Given the uncertainty at present, our office will not be open to conveyancers for business before 18th May 2020, unless otherwise instructed. 

Upon clarity being received from National Office, we will communicate further. 

Kind regards 
Joseph Dreyer 
Western Cape Deeds Office: Deputy Registrar of Deeds 

Date: 11 May 2020 


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