Registrar’s Notice No.8/2021: To Deeds Office Staff and Clients Re: Deeds Office-Jhb Arrangements for Alert Level 2 

1. Purpose 

1.1 To notify all staff and clients of the way-forward pertaining to measure to be followed during the Covid19 Risk Adjustment Alert Level 2 which came into operation on 30″ May 2021. 

1.2 This notice should be read with all previously issued notices, circulars and compliance signages, and information placed in the building. 

2. Faced approach to be followed regarding access to the building. 

2.1 All stakeholders (Attorneys, Notaries and Prep Clerks) will be allowed in the Deeds Office building under the following strict protocol and condition: 

2.2 Only one (1) Prep Clerk per conveyancer will be allowed at this stage of lockdown. 

2.3 Conveyancers must notify the office by sending any change and new arrangements for their nominated Prep Clerks to the email address indicated on clause 7 in a formal letter containing names of all outgoing and new Prep Clerks working for their firms and a plan on how they will be rotated them to allow everyone an opportunity to work during this alert level. 

2.4 Security will strictly monitor the number of clients entering the building to ensure that the area is not over crowded as only 50% of the floor area in the Execution Room and Prep Room can be used as per regulations. 

2.5 A further measure will be introduced by marking tables spaces and chairs not allowed to be used to ensure that social distance is observed in the Execution Room and Prep Room. 

3. Pre-linking, consultations and removal of notes 

3.1 Pre-linking for lodgement must continue to be conducted externally at affected Law Firms Offices alternatively at the 16″ Floor room provided by JAA. 

3.2 The current arrangement regarding removal of notes and consultation on appointment will still be in place. However conveyancers and Prep Clerk (to a limited extend) will be allowed to approach examiners in their offices should notes not be attended to within the time frame set for examiners (09:30am – 10:30am) to remove notes on 26″ Floor (see Notice No.6/2021). 

3.3 Scan Back’s, expeditions and ADHOC requests for permission must still be placed in a drop-box at DOTS Section with a clear note on the cover indicating the facts and reasons for the request in a provided form. 

3.4 Clients are still prohibited from entering Sections and areas in the building where access is restricted. Should there be a need to enter, prior approval must be granted by the relevant Assistant of Registrar Deeds in charge of such Section and shall be accompanied by an official of the relevant section.

4. Deeds Office process tour. 

4.2 Tours will only be allowed in the afternoon subject to prior arrangements and appointment and approval by Senior Management or Assistant Registrar of Deeds: Training Section and a limited number of 10 guests per tour will be allowed. 

5. Serving of Documents 

5.2 Clients will be allowed to access the Registry Section on 22nd Floor to serve documents, however we still encourage clients to make use of electronic/ email platform to serve documents. 

5.3 Serving notices i.e JJJ, KKK, notice of motion and other related notices should still be sent via email or handed by hand on exceptional cases. 

6. Compliance with the Mandatory Covid19 protocols when in public 

6.1 Staff and Clients are reminded that Covid19 is still in our midst and it is important that the current internal Covid19 protocols (wearing of mask, sanitising and observing social distancing), other controls and measure implemented by the office to minimise the spread of the of Covid19 and possible transmissions to be strictly observed and complied with. 

6.2 Failure to comply with Covid19. 

6.2.1 Staff and Clients are reminded that those not none-compliance with mandatory Covid19 protocols is committing an offence and is, on conviction, liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six (6) months as per Regulation 64(2) and should a staff be found guilty they might face dismissal. 

6.2.2 Furthermore measured will be taken in line with labour relation process and clients account may be discontinued or restricted from entering the building for a period of six (6) months. 

7. Emails to be used for serving of documents and setting appointments: 

– For appointment with Examiners and Assistant Registrars: please follow the list placed in the execution room. 

– Changes of Prep clerk who can access the Deeds Office and appointment with Senior Managers (Deputy Registrar of Deeds and Registrar): or

– Arrangement of Deeds Office process tours:

– Serving of documents (JJJ, KKK, notices of motion etc) electronically: 

This notice will be effective from Thursday , 10″ June 2021. 

Ms. M Ntuli 
DATE: 09/06/2021


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