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In October 2016, SARS issued a letter requesting that all open transfer duty cases that you are not proceeding with be removed. In March 2021 we sent out another appeal. We find ourselves again appealing to you to remove all cases not proceeding including duplicate applications. 

The official turn-around time is 21 working days from the date the last supporting document was uploaded. In Transfer Duty however we understand the urgency of your matters and thus aim to have cases audited within 10 working days or less. Currently we are on a 14 day TAT – thus this urgent appeal to you in order to see an improvement. 

We are aware of a number of duplicate cases currently in the pool. Please understand that when the auditor receives a case, he/she will be unaware of whether it is a duplicate case or not and therefore a full audit will be performed. Instead of auditing another case, this time is wasted. 

As the practice of duplicate applications has a negative impact on the entire Conveyancing fraternity, SARS will run a test one week after this letter is issued to identify duplicate applications and report such firms to the Attorneys Association. 

We also request that you only create a case once you are ready to upload supporting documents. 

Furthermore, please be reminded that before submitting a new application, you first cancel any existing applications on that transaction. 

For more information please call the SARS Practitioner Contact Centre on 0860 12 12 19. 





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