statsCurrently we have 280 responses to the survey, which is a long way off the 690 responses we got in the secretary/paralegal survey we did last month. Our current stats tell us that 25% of practicing conveyancers earn less than R10 000 per month – rather an alarming fact.

We thought this was a little low and asked a few conveyancers to comment on this statistic and this is what they said about the survey and the stats:

“I do not think this is a bad reflection on the profession. No conveyancer worth his salt would need to be satisfied with a low income. The profession does not owe conveyancers a living. They are equipped with the wherewithal to earn a good living – they should go for it.

If they are on their own, they need to boost their marketing, diversify or somehow find innovative ways to convert their qualifications and skills into earnings.
If they are employed by others, then they have the option of either striking out for themselves or moving to a busier practice with better paying employers.

I know there are colleagues who have had to struggle against particular odds but if they are included in the 25% you mention, there are also some of them who are earning more. If the latter can do it, so can the former.”
Roland Darroll
Darrolls Attorneys

“An indication of too many conveyancers trying to make a living at the mercy of “clients” demanding discounts and colleagues undercutting with no other areas of practice to turn to as the courts system is barely functioning with most potential litigants giving up before they start, due to high costs and delays . Until we have more court rooms with bigger and better staffed administrative backup, only the most serious matters will find their way into litigation. So we have a surplus of under-utilized professionals turning to “run of the mill” conveyancing matters in an effort to survive.. “
Ian Johnson
Woodhead Bigby & Irving Incorporated

“The stats are very useful. Attorneys are well aware of industry norms regarding the professional services that we provide but due to our independent approach in our businesses, we are seldom aware of industry norms regarding the business side of our practises. The survey provides us with clear insight into one facet of our practises in providing much needed information regarding industry norm salaries. The survey is hugely beneficial to our industry, both employers and employees, and will hopefully be repeated annually.”
Bennie Rheeder
deKlerk & van Gend Attorneys

Please may I ask that you spread the word and ask as many practicing attorneys to take the 4 click question survey, it is absolutely anonymous and will take no longer than 4 seconds!

We are hoping that we have enough feedback to be able to release the stats in 3 weeks.

Here are two graphs that will give you an idea of the type of attorneys who are responding so far, it is promising to see a good few with a number of years’ experience also taking part in the survey.






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