legal secretary salary surveySalary research in the local legal market is crucial to both employers and employees and we are often asked for the latest results – so why then is everybody so uncooperative when it comes to providing 11 clicks of the mouse in the anonymous legal secretary salary survey?

The survey has been available here on Tech4Law since the 24th March 2014 and to date we have less than 150 responses.

Providing results based on so few responses would be reckless from our side, so we need to have far more data before we can publish the findings.

Taking the above into consideration, we are going to provide the average salary of the various regions based on the minimal information we have – do not use this information as we mentioned this survey is very much still work in progress, but we thought giving everyone a peep into the response so far would help everyone take and promote the survey throughout the profession.

To help spread the word about this survey to other paralegals/secretaries click this email link. A simple click and send will send thissurvey link to your friends.

Current Average Secretary Salaries (not final yet!):

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Eastern Cape – R12500

Free State – R11000

Gauteng – R17050

Kwa-Zulu Natal – R12400

Limpopo – R11000

Mpumalanga – R14000

North West – R9600

Northern Cape – R8000

Western Cape – R11500


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