legal secretaries salary survey 2014The start to the Legal Secretary Salary Survey 2014 has been rather slow. What we are trying to establish is a guideline that both firms and secretaries have, that can help them understand what the expected salaries should be in this segment. Everybody is always extremely grateful of the information once we publish the compiled report – but what people fail to realise, is that this report cannot be sucked from thin air, it requires 2 minutes of your time to participate.

Let us look briefly at the crux of the request:keep calm and do it now

1. The survey is anonymous
2. It has 10 questions
3. Each question is a single selection tick-box
4. It should not take more than 2 minutes to complete
5. Other than the verification at the end, all the input is via a mouse click
6. In fact the time it took to read this, you could have completed the survey 😉

The only reference to legal secretary salary surveys is the same survey we did back in 2010 – now I’m sure we don’t want people to use those as a guideline for today.

Here is a screen shot of the survey:

legal secretary salary survey screen shot


take the survey


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