survey3dWe have come to the end of our salary review. The statistic that stood out for me was the fact that there are extremes to this salary survey, the majority are below the R10 000 bracket and the second most popular bracket are people who earn in excess if R80 000. I was surprised to see such feedback from the senior partners.

It seems the majority of respondents had between 12 and 15 years’ experience with the next being 3 to 5 years’ experience. The average salary for all attorneys, across all areas and excluding the experience is R33 734.00 per month – but there are many aspects contributing to that salary.

We took the feedback and created a few story telling graphs of the data, as they say – a picture tells a thousand words and in this case also stirs a lot of debate I’m sure! If you are looking for a statistic which we have not covered, please just drop me an email and I will extract the information for you.

Over the 6 weeks we had 405 people take the 4 question survey – yes, we all know it would have been better to have more – it is just that people are shy when it comes to parting with sensitive information, even if it is anonymous. But I also know that all 405 people would have lynched me had I not shared the stats.

The experience of the people who responded was as follows:

Less than 3 years 6.91%
26 to 30 years 6.91%
21 to 25 years 9.38
30 or more years 9.63
9 to 11 years 11.11%
16 to 20 years 12.84%
6 to 8 years 13.83%
3 to 5 years 14.32%
12 to 15 years 15.06%









So excuse the abundance of graphs – but this is the best way to get the feedback across.

The following gives you the salary ranges of the people who responded, for the country first and then per region.

Sorry Northern Cape, the response was not large enough to produce any valuable data.

As you can see Gauteng tips the scale for the high end salary earners.



















Then we took the data and extracted the salaries earned per area of practice….

























And lastly the average salaries per region. This threw me a little as it reports that Eastern Cape has a higher salary than that of Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal and normally, from past experience Eastern Cape would have come in after the other two bigger centres. The number of responses from this region was not bad at all, so I must assume that the information is correct – go Eastern Cape!



So that wraps up the salary survey for attorneys, maybe in the near future we can do this again and hopefully we will get more respondents and be able to give better stats.

Please feel free to comment and share in the area below.

This information has been supplied by the attorneys of South Africa and respresented in graph form by Tech4Law. The information has not been altered in any way, but it is advised that you do your own research before using this data as factual evidence.

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