dont_throw_money_down_the_drainHow would you like to save your firm money on your Telkom bill, and not have to change a single telephone or switchboard to achieve the savings? Even better, you don’t have to do anything except phone Telkom and ask them for a discount.

Right, by now you should have the telephone receiver in your hand and should be looking for the number to dial!  Whoa, here are the options that are available from Telkom to allow for cheaper calls.

Telkom have an offer where you qualify for a discount of 22-27% off all of your cellular calls from your “Telkom to Cell” calls, provided your current spend on these calls to cell phone providers is in excess of R2500 per month. There is no contract, they merely calculate your usage and if above R2500 they issue the credit. The product is called the “CellSaver” for more information contact the sales line on 0800 510 000.

The other product that Telkom has but that it does not seem to tell you about is their “SupremeCall”. “SupremeCall” requires no change in hardware or software, but merely changes your billing model to a per second rate. Telkom report a 25% saving on calls made on their per second rate as opposed to that on the per minute billing. There is no contract, and you can cancel with a months notice.

On the Telkom site they do mention that this service (SupremeCall) cannot be used with other saving services, which they list, but they do not list the “CallSaver” plan. The “SupremeCall” service is charged in advance and is made up in time bundles, much like Cell phone plans. The unused seconds can be carried forward, as long as it does not work out to be more than 12 times the monthly bundle. For more information on this offer from Telkom call 10217, and they will advise you on the recommended bundle offer for your usage.

So there you have it, without changing anything, other than your billing method, you can save money on your Telkom bill.

Contributed by:

Malcolm Pearson


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