Timelines have changed in implementing AARTO. The fact remains, AARTO is firmly on track to upset Business Continuity for those non-compliant businesses. 

It is important to note that AARTO is the Law Enforcement body of the National Road Traffic Act, its Regulations and other pieces of relevant legislation.

According to the Minister of Transport, AARTO is firmly on track to launch in various stages as follows. Their Rollout plan is as follows.

Phase 1 – 1 July 2021 – 30 September 2021 – AARTO systems, legislation Rollout, Payment systems, 7 service AARTO outlets to be setup.

Phase 2 – 1 October 2021 – 31 December 2021 – AARTO to be rolled out to 67 Municipalities. (Most of the larger ones.)

Phase 3 – 1 January 2022 – 30 June 2022 – AARTO to be rolled out to the balance of South Africa.

Phase 4 – 01 July 2022 Demerit points to be introduced.

  • There are various traffic fine systems in South Africa.
    • AARTO.
    • Municipal.
    • Provincial.
    • SAPS
    • Knowing the differences and dealing with these, is a minefield to navigate.
    • The Proxy faces the brunt of violations unless shown differently.
    • Driving licenses from habitual offenders can be removed.
    • Vehicles with unroadworthy issues can have their licenses and operator cards removed.
    • Business continuity will be affected.
    • Mistakes made in own time can affect a person’s employability. 
    • Companies are now obliged to enter into a training program to upskill all employees on the new AARTO laws.
    • TRAFFIC FINES require a skilled person (Proxy) to manage these affairs accurately and carefully. Incorrect handling will affect business continuity.
    • AARTO is simply a “very clever system” that forces companies to do all the necessary paperwork timeously. Failure to do so will incur stringent penalties. 
    • Ignoring timelines will increase the value of the fine.
    • Incorrect handling of fines will incur penalties against vehicles, people & companies.
    • Proxies face action for non-payment of violations. 
    • Company Terms & Conditions of Employment now need to be amended to cater for the loss of employment due to errant drivers incurring violations in personal and company time.
    • Companies need to create new Codes of Conduct and Policies & Procedures.

SASM is the preferred service provider to Company & Corporate South Africa

Our knowledge & experience in the area of PROXY management and Traffic Fines is extensive. We have upskilled well over 1000 companies and many thousands of delegates.

Our workshops are factual, to the point with no fillers. 

Companies who have a fleet of vehicles are duty bound to preserve their appointed PROXY and inform their employees of the risk to employment should they lose their driving privileges’ in own/personal or company time. 

Companies need to go much further. The question must be asked: – What action can the company take against an employee should they lose their driving privileges’ in their “so called – own personal time?

Think about this? 

  • What happens if your most important employee, who does not drive a company vehicle, loses their driving privileges in their own time but uses his personal vehicle to get to work? He now cannot get to work. What now?????
  • What happens if your top salesperson loses their driving privileges’? No sales, reduced turnover and a host of other challenges arise.What now???
  • With the advent of 0% alcohol driving law due to be implemented soon companies are required to make meaningful policy change to upskill, implement and manage the new traffic laws efficiently and effectively.

SASM is able to cover all the matters that pertain to the necessary changes that your company will need to implement to manage AARTO and Traffic Fines in the company environment.


Workshop Content – General Overview

The fact is: – Your Driving Licence, Operator Licence and Vehicular Licence is a privilege granted to companies and individuals within the confines of the National Road Traffic Act. Those not complying will face the might of the law through the new AARTO Act which will be implemented nationally in due course. The PROXY is affected by all types of traffic fines. (AARTO, Provincial, Municipal, SAPS)

AARTO is a clever system that is fair and well designed. Currently AARTO is functional in JHB and Tshwane. However, if you enter the AARTO area from outside JHB and Tshwane and incur a traffic violation then you are affected by AARTO. Understanding AARTO effects is paramount to securing business continuity. Poor driver behaviour and vehicular condition have serious consequences for Proxy and Company.

  • The AARTO system will have overwhelming effects on non-compliant companies.
  • Companies cannot afford to have their most important employees without a valid driver’s licence.
  • Companies cannot afford to have their vehicle licences suspended for a period due to roadworthy issues or non-payment of traffic Fines.
  • The company vehicle PROXY now bears the responsibility of others errant actions.
  • It reverses the culture of non-payment of traffic fines. The longer you take to pay the more the fine value rises.
  • Take too long to pay and you cannot renew your driver’s licence, vehicle licence, etc.
  • It forces companies to improve vehicular condition to South African Roadworthy Standards.
  • It encourages companies to educate all staff on the risks of non-compliance.
  • Non-compliant individuals face the risk of having their driving licence suspended or revoked.
  • Non-compliancy to roadworthy issues can have the vehicles licence suspended.
  • All companies must now realize that PRIVATE TIME DRIVING BEHAVIOUR can now also affect employees’ terms and conditions of employment. This directly affects business continuity. It is therefore imperative that management take a pro-active response in instilling an understanding of the risks of notcomplying with AARTO on all staff.


To take all these matters into account SASMANIA has developed this specialized workshop to assist companies to alleviate the TRAFFIC FINE risk on Companies, Proxies and Owners of Vehicles. The Workshop will educate companies on: –

  • Gaining an overall understanding of AARTO and Traffic Fines in general.
  • Which Policies and Procedures need creation? (Samples discussed and provided)
  • How to amend your HR terms and conditions. (Samples discussed and provided) O Changes to Terms and conditions of Employment.

O   Corrective (disciplinary) Action Guidelines. (Useful in changing mindsets of all who use company and private vehicles)

  • A complete training module (Train the Facilitator) whereby a nominated person within the company will educate all employees, using our intellectual property. (CD provided with all the training material)

O   This training module is designed to comprehensively train all employees on TRAFFIC FINES and AARTO risks.

O In many instances, companies have condoned errant driving behaviour by paying traffic fines on behalf of staff and allowing staff to drive unroadworthy vehicles etc. This is the wrong course of action as the Proxy assumes the guilt for these matters unless it can be shown differently.

O With the advent of AARTO looming soon it is imperative that Companies come to realize that maintaining business continuity will require that all staff be trained effectively in order to mitigate the risk of employees having their driving licences removed/suspended or companies having their vehicle licences and operator cards suspended.

O   This training module will go an exceptionally long way to assist companies in achieving AARTO compliance.

This workshop is comprehensive and will provide you with all the necessary tools to manage and implement AARTO effectively within the company environment.

Once you have implemented these guidelines and strategies as well as you have trained employees your business continuity will be protected.


Cost:R 6500-00 All inclusive. Due on Invoice

Duration:Two days.

Who should attend?Directors, Management, HR, Company Facilitators, Proxies. Companies may split the days by sending different

individuals. E.g., Management on day 1 and Facilitator on day 2.
Supplies:Course Materials. Disc with PowerPoint presentation for “Train the Facilitator”.

Certificate of Attendance.

Refreshments:Arrival snacks, Mid-morning break with snacks, Lunch.
Venue:Port ElizabethJHB/TshwaneCape TownDurban

Radisson HotelMidrandDurbanvilleBlue Waters Hotel
When:16 /17 August23/24 August01/02 September08/09 September
COVID COMPLIANCE:All venues are strictly COVID compliant and have all the necessary protocols in place.

Our seminars are dedicated to creating an environment whereby attendees can interact with like-minded people and share experiences and challenges faced in the workplace. These experiences cannot be captured with virtual seminars. Hence why we only host public workshops and seminars.

PRESENTER: Doug Warren.


08611 22786 


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