Starting your own law firm AJS

Going out on your own – Part Two

Starting your own firm The little bird has taken flight and has started to spread its wings.  But now what? Where to Little Bird? Last week we discussed...
Going out on your own AJS

Going out on your own – Part One – Starting your own firm

There is just something about the beginning of spring.  Flower’s blooming, baby animals running around, the first rains. And all the promises of tomorrow. There is...
Law Firm Success in 2021

Steering your firm toward success in 2021

Law firms that implement data analytics can develop more targeted and in-depth strategies that foster growth and success. Some 81% of firms that use...

Traffic Fines can affect all non-compliant companies. Especially Proxies, owners of vehicles and Operators.

Timelines have changed in implementing AARTO. The fact remains, AARTO is firmly on track to upset Business Continuity for those non-compliant businesses.  It is important...
21st Century Lawyer by LexisNexis

Position yourself for success as a 21st Century Lawyer

It’s no secret that technology is changing the face of law practice, particularly as millennials enter the workforce, bringing with them an increased reliance...
Finance Minister Tito Mboweni

Budget 2021: What It Means to You

Faced with apprehension, the first Budget Speech of the “new normal’ was generally well-received, with the Rand holding steady, markets reacting positively, and South...
Legal Superhero

More than just a lawyer

As if advising on legal matters was not enough, companies are now expecting more out of their legal teams.  You see, the lawyer of the...
Hlengiwe Skosana

Depression in the workplace

In Legal Aid SA v Jansen (LAC), the employer appealed against the Labour Court’s decision whereby it held that the dismissal of the employee...
Alice in Wonderland on Accounting for Lawyers

Alice felt like she had fallen down a rabbit hole

Alice considered her prospects. One or two were colorful, most gray, bland and boring. Why is this so difficult? thought Alice, the cute ones...
Gazette 43703

Bad Things Happen When you Backdate

On 11 September 2020, the Minister of Justice announced that the mora interest rate had changed. This rate is critical to the operation of...
Where has all the money gone

Where did the money go: Reporting on Cash Flow

There is a secret when it come to law firm cash flow.  It's so obvious that it is often overlooked. Perhaps it is exactly...
Maitland Group

FATCA and CRS in the South African Context – Four Common Misconceptions

Neil Montgomery, Senior Manager – Corporate Services Compliance, addresses four common misconceptions around the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the Common Reporting...