21st Century Lawyer by LexisNexis

Position yourself for success as a 21st Century Lawyer

It’s no secret that technology is changing the face of law practice, particularly as millennials enter the workforce, bringing with them an...
Finance Minister Tito Mboweni

Budget 2021: What It Means to You

Faced with apprehension, the first Budget Speech of the “new normal’ was generally well-received, with the Rand holding steady, markets reacting positively,...
Legal Superhero

More than just a lawyer

As if advising on legal matters was not enough, companies are now expecting more out of their legal teams. 
Hlengiwe Skosana

Depression in the workplace

In Legal Aid SA v Jansen (LAC), the employer appealed against the Labour Court’s decision whereby it held that the dismissal of...
Alice in Wonderland on Accounting for Lawyers

Alice felt like she had fallen down a rabbit hole

Alice considered her prospects. One or two were colorful, most gray, bland and boring. Why is this so difficult? thought Alice, the...
Gazette 43703

Bad Things Happen When you Backdate

On 11 September 2020, the Minister of Justice announced that the mora interest rate had changed. This rate is critical to the...
Where has all the money gone

Where did the money go: Reporting on Cash Flow

There is a secret when it come to law firm cash flow.  It's so obvious that it is often overlooked. Perhaps it...
Maitland Group

FATCA and CRS in the South African Context – Four Common Misconceptions

Neil Montgomery, Senior Manager – Corporate Services Compliance, addresses four common misconceptions around the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the...

Termination of an existing trust

COVID-19 induced reduced returns may provide a window of opportunity When a trust no longer serves its original purpose...
Lawyers need to think differently

Legal Business Development During the Pandemic : Think Differently

Lawyers need to think differently during the pandemic, now is not the time to do the same. “The biggest...
Modernise legal accounting software

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, law firms were under pressure to maintain profitability. That...

Many smart lawyers know they have to modernise their legal accounting software. They’re just not sure how to go about that. The...
Remote Billing Online

Billing Processes for Lawyers – 10 June 2020

Wednesday this week, we are meeting online for 30 minutes to discuss billing systems and processes, why not invest these 30 minutes...