Free law firm marketing consulting

Our Law Firm Marketing 101 series has been going for over a year now, with us publishing one practical tip for law firms to generate new business each week. The problem I have with all this good information, is that I have not seen these principles being implemented one at a time and measuring the success as we cross them off the list. I want to consult with a Durban law firm to attract new business through calculated marketing efforts.

How many firms will be chosen?
Only 1 (one)

Why Durban?
We are based in Durban and it will make it easier to manage this vital journey face to face.

How long will this service be offered?
6 (six) months

What is involved on an ongoing basis?

  • We will meet for 1 (one) hour per week to go through the previous weeks marketing (including measuring the marketing) and set goals for the next week. 
  • Daily completion of the marketing spreadsheet to measure the success, which will then be emailed to me.
  • Certain software systems will be needed to perform the marketing tasks – these will not cost money, but will be essential to the success of the project.

What hidden costs?
Your firm will pay for your marketing campaigns – nothing forced, you tackle what we agree on, but there will be advertising costs.

What requirements are needed by the law firm?

  • Between 2 and 8 partners
  • 1 (one) hour dedicated marketing time per day for the allocated marketing person
  • 3 (three) hours meeting to discuss and plan the marketing campaigns (2 meetings)
  • Commitment from everyone.

You can opt out anytime you feel our agreement is not productive to your marketing efforts. I will fire your firm if I feel there is a lack of commitment. 

What do I want in return?
I want a letter of reference on the successful completion of the project.

How do we apply?
Send an email to me and provide me with the following:

  • Firm Name
  • Why should your firm be chosen for the project?

I wish everyone the best of luck and you can expect a reply with my decision before the end of April 2017. 


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