landing pages for lawyersNothing worse than clicking an advert in Google search about a special weekend getaway in Knysna and landing on a website that tells you about the travel agency and you spend frustrated minutes trying to find the actual special. Right?

What is a landing page?

This is a page dedicated to a certain niche segment of your market, generally addressing the exact topic or need in the market. Let us say you are fish shop and you are about to have a special on Tuna fish. Buying adwords adverts in Google search for Tuna and then sending the prospect to your vanilla web page that talks about your shop, bulk buying, recipes, contact us and just about everything “fish shop” will lose the attention of your “paid for” prospect. As every click your ad gets in Google search, costs you money. So what you do is create a page on your website dedicated to the prospect “landing” at your site looking for Tuna. They are looking for Tuna, so your page is dedicated to giving them that Tuna.

Why does your law firm need a landing page?

Most of the time landing pages are used in conjunction with the Google Adwords adverts – but you can also use them when planning seminars or tracking advertising that send prospects to your website. For our purposes here lets us focus on the adwords marketing.
When ranking your advert (yip they don’t only rank web pages, they rank adverts as well) – you get a better score if your advert is pointing to a web page that addresses the keyword you are using in your advert. Which means that if you bid the same price for a keyword and you had a dedicated landing page, you would get the best place on the results page. So it will increase the number of clicks you get.

You can address a very focused niche market, without detracting from the general company website.

You can also harvest prospect information while offering them a PDF or service – this information is gold to follow up for additional business after the prospect has used the free offering. The fact that you know exactly what they are looking for, makes the selling process that much easier.

It is easy to measure the traffic, as you are pointing your adwords advert to only one page, you know that each prospect has come from that advert.

Have two or three different landing pages, and test the options on the pages to find the perfect page – much easier to test with a single page, than fiddling with the home page of your website.

So if you are wanting more sectional title conveyancing, place an adwords advert for the keyword “buy sectional title flat” with good advert text of course, then send the prospect to a landing page with the title and topic of “Looking at Buying a Sectional Title Flat?” – give them a quick overview and introduce a PDF e-book for free for them to download and read, but before they get the email with the PDF, they have to enter their name and email address. In the PDF explain why it is important to speak to your friendly conveyancer before they start looking and have a link in the PDF for where they can contact you or make an appointment.

You will have the name and email address of a prospect that you know is looking to buy sectional title property, now you can follow up with courtesy email to check if they have everything they need and offer your niche services.

That is why you need a landing page!


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