Canon uniFLOWuniFLOW, Canon’s integrated print and scan management solution, recently announced the release of uniFLOW version 5.4 with improved scanning and mobile printing, enhancements to office printing, and an extension of uniFLOW’s print room features.

Over the years, uniFLOW has evolved to become the market-leading print and scan management product, offering a wide variety of f eatures including secure printing, mobile printing, secure workflow-based scanning, job routing, usage accounting and print room management. 

uniFLOW V5.4 now introduces secure workflow-enabled scanning to the Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront Network Scanners, extends secure printing to the Océ ColorWave and Océ PlotWave Large Format Printers range, and deeply integrates with Océ PRISMA®direct enhancing uniFLOW’s print room capabilities.

What is new with uniFLOW Version 5.4?

Flexible Document Scanning
uniFLOW scan workflows significantly enhance the document capture and information management functionality of Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices, offering advanced scanning features such as batch separation, meta-data entry with data validation, conversion to editable file formats and integration with various cloud-based and on-premise document management solutions.

With uniFLOW V5.4, office workers can now benefit from these powerful scanning features on the Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 330 Network Scanner, experiencing the s ame centrally-managed secure scan workflows on the large, touch-screen display as on their Canon imageRUNNER multi-functional devices. Authentication is available with an attached proximity card reader, via PIN, or Active Directory® credentials, allowing the display of role-specific scan workflows and activity tracking against individual users.

uniFLOW V5.4 adds new scan destinations to an already impressive line-up to include Microsoft SharePoint® Online, SharePoint® 2013, OneDrive® for Business and Therefore™ Online. In addition, scanning to Therefore™ now features Case Management support for both on-premise and cloud variants.

Powerful Mobile Printing
uniFLOW pioneered enterprise-level printing from mobile devices with email and app-based job submission features. uniFLOW already provides organisations with the ability to grant guest users the option of sending print jobs from their smartphones or tablets without connecting to the organisation’s network. After sending a print job guests receive an email containing a job release code which would be entered at the device, allowing the user to select and release their job.

With uniFLOW V5.4, administrators have greater flexibility in deciding what functions are shown to the guest user via the embedded secure print applet, without having access to further printer functions. Guests can now be offered the ability to change finishing options of their mobile print jobs directly at the device. In addition the interface on Canon MEAP-enabled devices can be fine-tuned to only show the finishing options specific to that device.

Enhanced Office Printing
uniFLOW V5.4 brings secure printing and job accounting features to the Océ ColorWave and Océ PlotWave Large Format Printer family. The embedded applet on the large Océ ClearConnect touch screen of these plotters provides a familiar print release interface for both small and large format devices, with multi-level cost center support, job accounting and reporting.

A highly flexible card identity self-management interface has been introduced so users can register multiple identity cards directly from the Canon device touch screen. Users can now register temporary cards or additional building access cards themselves. uniFLOW can remove temporary cards out-of-hours for re-allocation to other users.

Integrated Production Printing
One of the key features of the uniFLOW platform are the built-in print room management capabilities. uniFLOW’s print room features have now been enhanced as uniFLOW V5.4 offers an integration with Océ PRISMA®direct.

In an environment where uniFLOW is used for managing office printing and scanning and Océ PRISMAdirect is used to manage the print room, Océ PRISMAdirect can make use of uniFLOW’s user, group, cost center and budget data. uniFLOW on the other hand makes use of accounting data received from Océ PRISMAdirect. With the integration all base data management and reporting is carried out by only one system – uniFLOW – so optimising IT resources.

Key Improvements and Benefits of uniFLOW Version 5.4:
• New support for the Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront Network Scanners brings the power of uniFLOW workflow scanning to these already impressive network document scanners.
• Additional scan destinations now include Microsoft SharePoint® Online, SharePoint® 2103, OneDrive® for Business and Therefore™ Online, allowing users to scan directly to the correct back-end system, improving overall office productivity.
• The uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Canon gives administrators greater flexibility in deciding what functions are shown to guest users so they cannot/don’t need to access other printer functions.
• Extension of uniFLOW Secure Printing to the Océ PlotWave and Océ ColorWave Large Format Printers, with full accounting for print, copy and scan jobs.
• New identity card management features to provide simple self-service for users to manage permanent and temporary identity cards.
• Integration with Océ PRISMAdirect so that all base data management and reporting is handled by one system – uniFLOW

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