law firm marketing 101 by Tech4LawTo start off with, I’m not sure we will get to 101 articles where we help law firms market themselves better, but then again we may fly past with regular feedback and interaction from Southern Africa law firms.

Most of what I have learnt in marketing Pearson Publishing over the last 7 years has been electronic marketing and lead generation – before that I marketed legal software solutions to law firms for a good 20 years. Through this knowledge and experience, I understand the business of running law firms and I have learnt how to market, not only to law firms, but to the general population as well through our various businesses. Don’t get me wrong – I do not have all the answers, but I know I have a vast amount of information that can and will help law firms improve the way they generate new business through better use of technology.

Following this section (Law Firm Marketing 101) of Tech4Law in the Business4Law section will give you fantastic advice on marketing your brand and/or lawyers. I will try to follow a logical order by starting with the basics and then start focusing on specific elements further down the track.

We are aiming this series at small to medium law firms – the bigger firms have marketing departments with staff dedicated to each aspect of marketing a law firm – not to say they cannot participate, everyone is welcome. These specialists from the larger firms we will ask to contribute by submitting articles and offering training hopefully.

Often, other law firm marketing authors write great content and when I come across these articles I will share the links with an introduction from Tech4Law – I have always believed in giving people full credit for their work instead of regurgitating the information.

The business of law has changed, there are threats from a number of sides and making money no longer happens when you sit at your desk and expect the new business to walk through the door.

Let’s not launch into the first lesson this week, but I promise we will start our marketing engines next week – my topic will be “Before you start!” (marketing of course).

Please, please, please…feel free to comment on these posts, ask questions, share ideas – shoot me down if your opinions differ – the way to make this useful to everyone is to make it interactive. Even post a comment about what you think about this new training we are about to offer.


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