attorneys are not natural sales people

Most attorneys aren’t sales people, fact. Most sales people aren’t knowledgeable in law, fact. Both careers need education, experience and hard work to perfect their line of work. What makes everyone think that sales and marketing for law firms happen without people being educated or experienced in marketing?

I know I have probably made a hash of trying to illustrate the point that lawyers aren’t natural sales and marketing people, to be effective in marketing your law firm, you need to be educated or helped.

Before you start arranging the marketing training, establish who your “people of influence” are in the firm. Form a marketing group that you are going to help bring your firm more business. 

Fee earners
All the attorneys should be included in this marketing group – they will have the most information about your offerings to entice new clients to your firm.

Don’t discount your paralegals – they are knowledgable, in contact with clients and also have a life outside the firm – a number of senior conveyancing paralegals can take clients with them when they leave the firm. Don’t discount the influence of your vital people.

The above people are natural “people of influence” – but don’t assume that nobody else could fit the bill – if your receptionist is outgoing and moves in large social circles, have her join the marketing group.

Although I think it is imperative for your marketing partner/manager/staff to attend marketing training outside the firm – I think this newly formed marketing group should get visits from experts that can educate them on simple marketing tactics, that will enable them to better promote the firm. These small groups and sessions can be tailored for your law firm, to allow for maximum effectiveness.

Set a rewards scheme to thank those that bring in new business. I am not going to tell you how you should do it, just find a way. This new channel of business will be extra revenue for you, reward the people who look after the firm. Make sure you outline the existing clients that are already reserved work – otherwise you are just paying somebody extra for the same work that would have come in.

These training workshops should be scheduled for lunch times and just after work – the idea is not to impact on your daily tasks and duties. 


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