webponderLogoFree legal advice online is becoming a growing trend for people seeking legal guidance. Visitors to Webponder.com can browse attorneys that specialize in a variety of legal fields, and schedule live one on one video consultation.

With Webponder.com, visitors can reach out to attorneys in a variety of fields, and meet face to face with the lawyer of their choice directly on Webponder.com, with no download, setup, or installation required. Many of the attorneys on Webponder.com offer initial consultations at no charge, providing legal advice online to those who may not be aware that many attorneys offer free consultations, or who wish to get basic information regarding their legal issue prior to retaining an attorney.

For the attorneys, it’s a way to grow their practice and increase their visibility online with an efficient way to allow potential clients to reach out to them, and meet with them live through a video consultation. While in the video consultation, both the attorneys and the clients can take private notes on the screen, participate in a text chat if necessary, and even instantly transfer files like retainers, documents, or pictures to each other.


The attorneys choose the rate at which they are willing to consult at, just like in an in person meeting. However, many of the attorneys offer free consultations because that may be the norm for their practice area, such as personal injury, or they may simply want to provide the client with a preview of what they can expect if the parties decide to move forward with representation.

There are currently attorneys registered on Webponder.com in a number of different states that specialize in the areas of personal injury law, criminal law, traffic law, family law, immigration law, bankruptcy, business law, real estate law, and estate law.

View the video below to get a better picture of the service that is offered:


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