phishing_scamFraudsters have been emailing the general South African public with requests to confirm their banking details, so that the SARS refund can be deposited into their bank account. Do not follow the links on this email and rather delete the message.

SARS has mentioned that they will never request pin numbers, banking details or passwords through an email. But that the public should contact SARS via telephone should they suspect any emails received on 0800 00 2870.

When receiving a warning, one would like to be aware of what the email looks like, so that you can be more aware of what to look for in your email. Here is a copy of the email, and also a copy of the website that it pointed to in the email.


Above is the email notification, rather believable!

Below is the web site which you were directed to from the above email.



The website has been closed, and the real threat has now been removed – as far as we are know, but it is a very good reminder to all of us, to not just believe an email request merely because it looks like an institution we would normally trust.

If in doubt, call the institution concerned, or ignore the initial request until you get a second request, and then call them to double check the authenticity of the request.

Contributed by:
Malcolm Pearson


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