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Here we give the attorneys good ideas on technology at home, mostly relate to technology, but could include other practical tips.

water filter before and after

Harvesting drinking water – Preparation

With the current water shortage situation in South Africa it is critically important to harvest as much water from the roof and use it...

The future through a lens

When the first digital cameras became available on the commercial market in the early 90s, it was as if we had been thrown into...
ATM card skimmer

ATM skimmer caught in the wild by a real security engineer

Whoda thunk it? Tourist/cybersecurity expert Benjamin Tedesco was hanging out in Vienna when he walked up to an ATM. Because he trusts no one...

What is the correct way to drive around a traffic circle?

We all seems to make it through traffic circles while driving - often with a couple of choice four letter words and the occasional...
Cell phone tower causing poor sleep and bad temper

Cellphone tower makes dogs fight and I have covered my windows with tinfoil

Residents of the Durban neighbourhood Glenmore are suffering from short tempers, aggressive pets, and sleepless nights – which they have attributed to the erection...

Skype brings video calls to the TV

Skype has announced some major advances for the consumer in video calling - with high-definition pictures enabled and integration with TV sets. At the...
Social media after death

Social media accounts can live on after you die

With the advent of social media sites such such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dictating and capturing people’s lives, things can become even more...

Want to know in advance when to pop the vitamin C tablets?

Google now has a system based on the keyword searches for remedies and symptoms which allows them to extract the stats and give accurate...

My hybrid solar power and backup solution – baby steps

The current load shedding situation got me thinking about alternative power and the solution I have decided on after many hours of research was...

SKYPE CREDIT – A risky business?

The SKYPE Internet phone service is far and away the fastest growing "FREE" means of voice and video communication on the "world wide web"....