Big Jon Harry's Revenge

Barry Varkel’s latest book “Big Jon Harry’s Revenge” is something special from the left side, something sinister, something strange, something weird, but that hooks you and reels you in, right into the depths of the book where the author’s mind meets you.

I can only imagine that the author has lived through and experienced a snippet of what transpires in the twisted life escapades of Big Jon. Maybe not of the hundreds of women lustfully chasing him, but I am sure the swirls of the mind, alcohol and drugs are all reported first-hand. The author’s very descriptive writing is evident of this fact.

Big Jon pushes the limits of drugs, alcohol and sex, to the limit of consciousness, floating in and out sometimes, taking the reader with him down the wormhole of his mind. 

The irresistible charming character of Big Jon attracts the ladies, all wanting a little more of him, all knowing he is unavailable, but all wanting him nevertheless. This creates the inevitable cosmic explosion in Big Jon and his flock’s lives, spiralling out of control.

It is an easy read, as I said you are drawn into the book, often screaming to Big Jon to snap out of it and to leave it behind, but the journey is great fun. 

Go get yourself a copy at Book Lounge.


  1. Big John Harry’s Revenge is a timeless exploration, “Fear and Loathing” style, of the female mind and psyche, told through the experiences of a master seductionist, a modern-day Casanova, whose world, powered by his love of multiple females, in all forms, comes to a climactic, and exhilarating head, largely as a result of his many liaisons, encounters, and relationships.

    It is captivating, from start to finish – a literary headrush, oozing dopamine and adrenaline out of every page.

    For the musically inclined reader, who basks in the enjoyment of reading a novel while listening to music, this would be the one to pick. In what is something of a rarity, the author takes the reader on a musical journey, as part of the literary trip, intimately woven into the adventures of Big John Harry.

    Overall, it is well worth the read and is best read slowly and enjoyed, as one would drink a glass of premium whiskey, as opposed to being guzzled down in a single sitting.


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