Goy Vey Book Launch

A great easy read, the author keeps you locked in and offers clever humour – often laughing at ourselves or people we know – whether Jewish or not.

Hymie Cohen is a Jewish family head, who nurtures his family with a protected life. The family is often not aware of the real-world challenges of living in South Africa, albeit that they all have a very strong opinion of their version of their ideal life and how the rest of the population lives.

Hymie invites friends to his Friday family Shabbat dinner, as per life before the dinner all things go swimmingly, until they don’t.

I have never been invited to a Jewish Shabbat, but Barry’s writing gives a wonderful explanation and feel for how it is – the Jewish words often don’t need to be explained as the context is so well used that it is self-explanatory.

Saying more about the book would give away the enjoyment of reading it. 

Well worth the read for a good chuckle!

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Wordsworth Books – https://www.wordsworth.co.za

The Book Lounge – https://www.booklounge.co.za/

Bay Books – http://www.baybookshop.co.za

Skoobs Theatre Bookshop – http://www.skoobs.co.za/

ISBN Code – 978-0-620-84109-2


  1. Its a great book man. I havnt read it yet but I plan to. All the reviews are good. He really is a great guy, whatsisname Varley.

    I hope to read it soon and hope to G*d I dont contradict myself later.

    Great lawyer too, for a change. (2bob). Great phone voice. I hope he finds solid consistent work one day in a call centre. Would be waste if he didnt.

    Great guy, masterful docudrama dressed up as fiction. Cool lawyer alround, but needs to get help for his cauliflower hemorrhoids. Those grapes of wrath should be looked at.

  2. Read his other book Nigiri Law and thoroughly enjoyed it. Busy with Goy Vey and from the bit I’ve read I can personally recommend it. Barry is really a great guy.

  3. Oh vey. What a book
    Very seldom these days do I start a book that I don’t want to put down.
    But this book by Barry Varkel is that kind of book.
    It literally had me in stitches in parts. Yet there is a very definately thread of social conscience running through the book.
    I sometimes felt as if I was an onlooker to the scenes they were so real.
    Barry in places reminds me of the great Spike Milligan. Who also didn’t pull punches.
    Best of all was the insight into the intricate life and customs of the Jewish people, whom I love and respect.
    Hymie Cohen is without doubt the hero of the piece.
    This book should be made into a play or even a short series for TV.
    Five stars from me. Excellent book Barry.

  4. Good read had a good giggle must admit flipping back and forward to translations at the back
    Hard to comprehend anyone finding a parking space in that area specialy for such a huge car lol
    Thank goodness for digital porn i have no idia where i would keep all those mags of the dancing girls


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