RST shower headThe RST Profilence range of water saving shower roses are specifically designed for fixed head showers that enable, by means of a patented turbo flow system, the greatest possible water and energy savings combined with sufficient water pressure.

The RST Profilence VP is provided with a ball-joint which enables the shower head to swivel at an angle of 26 degrees. The RST Profilence Fix does not have a ball joint and therefore can’t be manipulated which makes it ideal for use in vandalised areas.

This turbulent flow system, which separates the stream of water into thousands of high-pressure droplets, provides many advantages and to mention just one – it prevents the build-up of lime-scale. The patented isoflow® flow-rate control technology maintains a constant water flow, independent of water pressure.

profilence fix shower head

The water flow can be set to 10 l/min, 8 l/min or 7 l/min depending on the required application.

Constructed with lead free DZR brass and plated with chrome. The inner workings and 12 hole aeration plates are made from Teflon. They are manufactured in Germany.

Easy to install
The unit uses the standard thread for shower heads and should be an easy task of removing the old and twisting on the new. The shower rose has a special tool which must be used for installing and removing the showerhead, or to open it for maintenance. This helps to prevent theft and vandalism.

profilence VP shower head

The prices for these German manufactured shower roses start at around R290 including VAT and shipment can be arranged when ordering. These RST Profilence shower roses can be sourced directly from the South African agents, Thomas Matern Developments – their details are below:

Thomas Matern Developments
Telephone: 016 987 3025

Editor: I have tried various shower heads, and this RST range has been by far the best in water saving as well as providing a sufficient water pressure. Don’t drop it on your foot while installing, they are solid brass.


  1. Hello Roger

    You are going to have to contact the person quoted in the article, we only spoke on the shower head, we do not supply them.

    • Hi Riyaz

      After the article was posted the agents seem to fall off the planet, but there was somebody else who was supplying as far as I remember.

      I wish I had more information.

      What information do you have about these? Maybe we can start looking for local agents again.


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