ubuntudealCan you imagine buying your favorite clothing brand for 60% off? What about that special you missed (but your friends didn’t) at a top restaurant? Well, this is no more. Ever heard of group buying? We’re sure you have, and we’ve been turning it on for you since the very beginning.

UbuntuDeal Group Buying launched in South Africa in 2010, bringing the global success story of group buying to our shores. If you’re interested in knowing about the best deals in your city, then get on over to our website as soon as you can.

People throughout South Africa can now enjoy super specials in their city, on a daily basis. Try out something new, a restaurant or spa, that new theatre show or even stunning accommodation and travel deals. You can only get them if you’re registered, which is totally free.

For businesses, the marketing and awareness generated by being the sole company offering a deal on UbuntuDeal for a day, is enough to make quite a difference to your brand and sales. Putting your business forward on UbuntuDeal ensures loads of consumer traffic, as well as a risk-free, measurable campaign.

UbuntuDeal has recently been acquired by bidorbuy.co.za and has since embarked on an unprecendented growth path.

Furthermore, group buying gives customers a new experience and businesses a large number of fresh feet through the door. Whatever you do, get online, visit UbuntuDeal.co.za, and buy your first deal. Without a doubt, this is one of the most visited websites in South Africa.

Join UbuntuDeal’s Facebook page where they are currently running amazing competitions, or call 0861 UBUNTU or email deal@ubuntudeal.co.za.

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