ls_logoThe exciting news is that LegalSuite is currently working with SARS to allow you to apply for Transfer Duty Receipts electronically from within LegalSuite. This would mean that all the information already captured in LegalSuite will automatically be sent to the SARS website to populate the fields on their website required to generate the TD forms on-line.

SARS will then send back an assessment which will show the amount that must be paid. Once the conveyancer has made payment he will get issued with a Transfer Duty receipt.

This integration will no doubt speed up the process of applying for a Transfer Duty Clearance Certificate.

The system is under development and we hope to release it in the next couple of months, when further information will follow.

As of 1 April 2011 the Transfer Duty Act, No 40 of 1949, requires that all Transfer Duty application must be submitted electronically to SARS. The following step by step guide can be downloaded from SARS’s website for further information on how this must currently be done:

L.E.A.D is also offering free training for attorneys and staff from conveyancing practices. These training session will be hosted by SARS experts and we would like to urge all our clients to attend these vital training sessions.

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