kinston32gbfake2If something seems too good to be true, goes the old saying, it IS too good to be true. The new high-end in USB flash drives, the 32GB version, with enough capacity to back up most typical users’ entire data build-up, typically retails at anywhere from $75 to $150 in the USA, and around R1 000 to R2 000 in South Africa. But now you can pick one up for R350 ($40) or less, depending how close you get to the source. One small problem: while they look, feel and present themselves to your computer as 32GB drives, they are in fact 1GB drives, partitioned to mimic 32GB drives. (Beware there are also fake 64Gb flash drives doing the rounds – from my reading they say to check the engraving on the metal connector, the real deal has engraving, the fake not. My advice would be to buy from a reputable vendor, so that it can be returned. – Editor Tech4Law)


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