xpressdoxsThe XpressDox Enterprise document assembly solution is being used by more than 1,500 users spread throughout Fasken Martineau’s international offices. XpressDox is a powerful and flexible document assembly software system that speeds up legal document production and is designed for use by firms of all sizes.
The system runs as an add-in for Microsoft Word or on any Internet browser.

“We are really excited that a firm of Fasken Martineau’s stature has chosen XpressDox,” said Chris Pearson, Director of XpressDox. “The fact that Fasken Martineau researched a number of document assembly products comprehensively before choosing XpressDox makes it even more rewarding,” he added.

“We selected XpressDox because of its affordable pricing and because it was a good fit for our existing IT infrastructure, said Rachelle Thompson of Fasken Martineau. “An additional advantage was that XpressDox supports both English and French languages as standard,” she said.

“Being an international and multilingual firm, Fasken Martineau needs to produce documents in English and French, as well as cater for different regional settings and paper sizes. XpressDox was able to accommodate those differences while at the same time reducing maintenance time significantly. We were also impressed that XpressDox was prepared to adapt their product to meet our specific needs, something that is very unusual in this one size fits all era.”

“Another really important advantage is that XpressDox uses standard Microsoft Word format for completed documents. This means that any document management or CRM system such as Open Text or WorkSite that integrates with Microsoft Word will automatically work with XpressDox, protecting the firm’s investment and simplifying its operation. One more example of this is where Fasken Martineau used IntApp to manage their ethical walls for XpressDox templates and data files,” added Pearson.

“XpressDox does some really clever things with integration to Elite data where document templates import contact information from the accounting system. If a user knows the matter number by heart, they can simply type that in, which saves time,” he said.

For more information on XpressDox, visit www.xpressdox.com.

About XpressDox:
XpressDox takes document assembly to a new level. Not only is it one of the most powerful document assembly systems on the market, it is also one of the most versatile. With XpressDox, users author templates in Microsoft® Word for use in a wide variety of deployments, from stand-alone documents to multi-template systems, which run on the desktop, over the network, or securely via a browser from anywhere in the world. This means that firms don’t need to deploy any software for template users, which makes installation and administration simpler and less costly. XpressDox even allows templates to be launched from a hyperlink on an organization’s web site, allowing customers or prospects to fill in their own forms.

About Fasken Martineau:
Fasken Martineau is a leading international business law and litigation firm. With more than 770 lawyers, the firm has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Québec City, London, Paris and Johannesburg. For additional information, please visit the firm’s website at www.fasken.com.


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