White canyon wipedriveWipeDrive secure and certified data wiping software is currently being used by many government and commercial organisations worldwide.

Customers include financial institutions such as CitiGroup, ING Group, Morgan Stanley, global corporations General Motors and Deloitte as well as IBM, Dell, HP, the US Military and the FBI.
WipeDrive is currently also the world’s only Common Criteria EAL4+ certified erasing software, recognised in 26 countries.

In addition to WipeDrive’s many worldwide certifications, the product has now been tested and approved by NATO.
For details please see: http://www.ia.nato.int/niapc/Product/WipeDrive-Enterprise-6.1_527

Herewith an extract from the NATO approval document:

“WipeDrive is a disk sanitizing tool that permanently erases all data from hard drives and other data storage devices.  This includes but is not exclusive to: HPA partitions, DCO partitions, remapped sectors, operating systems, programs, and user files.
This data is permanently destroyed as to make any type of forensic data recovery impossible.”

The NATO approval together with other existing certifications, confirms that White Canyon now has the highest Security Standard & Certification worldwide.

SeKure-IT in Johannesburg have been appointed Southern African distributors of White Canyon software products.
For more information, please visit their website: www.sekureit.net


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