chrometa mobile timer appLast week, Chrometa shipped their shiny new time tracking app for Android. Here is a quick tour to illustrate how easy it is to track your billable time.. 

Time Tracking App Tour

chrometa mobile timer home

When you open our new app, you’ll be greeted by this lovely interface:

From here, you can:

1. Sync your phone calls with your Chrometa account

2. Add a manual time entry (and assign it to a client/project)

3. Start our new stopwatch (and assign this entry to a project, too)

Syncing Your Phone Calls

With the push of a button, we’ll port your call history from your Android phone into your Chrometa account. We’ll create a time entry for each phone call, so that you can add them to your Timesheet.

chrometa mobile timer calls made
When we do this, we also match up the phone number with your Google Contact listing. So, each entry will include your contact’s name, and the length of the call.

chrometa mobile timer record

Remember, if you have “keyword-based rules” created for your contacts, we’ll also assign these entries to the appropriate client and project automatically.

Adding a Manual Time Entry

When you’re working on the go, you can create a time entry with a few taps on your phone…

chrometa mobile timer manual time record
You can choose a start and stop time, too…

chrometa mobile timer start stopwatch

Starting a Stopwatch

I know, I know… the whole point of Chrometa is to get rid of the stopwatch!

Well, I finally realized that there is value to a stopwatch if it’s convenient to start / stop… and the best place for this is probably your phone, too. 

chrometa mobile timer stopwatch save call

Chrometa for Android: Now Available in Google Play Store

Google play link

Coming Soon… iPhone and iPad 

Our iPhone and iPad apps will ship soon. Please click here if you’d like to be notified as soon as they are available.

Our Tabs3 Integration is (Finally) Here, Too!

Contributed by:
Brett Owens
CEO and Co-Founder
Chrometa – Track your time without notes or timers


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