lexisnexisTechnological advances in law research tools now require that customer training efforts keep pace with these developments. New media formats of training are now supplementing the traditional formats of classroom-based “in person” sessions.

While most customers still prefer the “in person” approach, research has shown that some segments increasingly want access to digitally-based or online self-directed modules. To cater for this diversity, LexisNexis has adopted a blended learning approach to customer product training.

With the recent launch of the new version of My LexisNexis, the company has introduced an innovative Product Training Centre which has been designed to help customers get the most out of their online research solutions.

LexisNExis product training

Users can now access the center and make use of training material divided into two resource types:
1.    Video Modules – These modules are hosted on YouTube and give the user the opportunity to learn about the parts of the service that are of most relevance to him or her. The modules focus on specific research areas such as searching, navigation and working with results.
2.    Start Guides – These have been included as downloadable pdf documents that take the user through the products step by step.

Customers can further use the Product Training Centre to request onsite training which is provided free nationally. “The development of dynamic online research tools requires a user-centric approach both in the product development stages as well as in after-sales efforts. Customer training is critical to increased product usage to derive value and ultimately ensures customer retention” says Romulen Edward Pillay, Head of Customer Retention and Client Training at LexisNexis.
The product training center can be accessed from the corporate home page at www.lexisnexis.co.za/support/product-training.aspx



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