flipboard iconFlipboard is an application that becomes your very own customised newspaper, which delivers news, information and your personal social media to your iPad instantly.

I am sure there are many other social magazines available for the iPad, but I’ve found that Flipboard is easy to use and allows for tight integration into the social media networks. Other iPad users confirm the popularity of this application as an online news reader.

The ‘FLIP” button, used to turn the pages gives you a familiar feeling to turning a page in a physical newspaper or magazine.

You build your personal Flipboard by searching and selecting the news feeds that you want to populate your magazine, including the feeds from your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social network accounts not to mention the many other networks that are also available to you. You can also find RSS feeds that you enjoy and add those to your content as well.

Like everything these days, it is very easy to share articles of interest through the social media or e-mail by using the quick links at the right-hand bottom of the content.

flipboard cover

The cover of Flipboard is ever-changing with live tiles being updated all the time, often enticing you to read the content behind the picture.

This application is available for the iPad and the Android smartphones.

Flipboard in my opinion is one of the “must have” applications for your iPad or Android phone.


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