dropboxIf you own an iPad, you should have Dropbox for iPad to share files with business people, friends or even from your office PC to your iPad.

Dropbox allows you to synchronise your files between your devices including computers, so it ensures that you are always working with the current version of the file.

The free version gives you 2Gb of storage, additional space can be purchased if needed. To be honest 2Gb for us in South Africa is more than adequate.

What makes this application even better is that a lot of other applications for iPad use this as an option to save your files – it almost becomes your new “C Drive”.


Sharing files with other people is easy, you can email them, copy the link URL to the clipboard or copy the image to clipboard and then paste the links into other applications. This is done through the Link button.

There are applications for Android and Windows Mobile, so sharing with those non Apple devices is also possible.

A very simple, affordable tool for anybody using multiple devices.


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