sabinet_logoThe Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund has been supporting a number of projects in Tshwane such as ABET classes, Maths tuition, School children funding, Enterprise development over the past few years. Last year, as part of this regional projects programme, the Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund offered funding to three community libraries for their projects.

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering funding for projects in community libraries from regions other than Tshwane in 2010/2011 again.

The basic guidelines of this funding are as follows:

• a single project should not exceed R25 000;sabimaths
• a maximum of 3 projects will be awarded;
• the project must be community based;
• the project should make a measurable difference to the community;
• the project must be able to stand alone (i.e. the funding cannot be used for an existing or larger project);
• project proposals should be sent to the Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund
• the closing date for project proposals is 1 October 2010;

The following information should be provided in the project proposal:

• who will be the coordinator of the project;
• a brief description of the library;
• information on existing outreach projects initiated by the library including outcomes of projects (statistics, news clips, pamphlets, photos, etc can be used);
• a description of the involvement of the friends of the library or user committee in the library;
• information on the marketing strategies of the library;
• a detailed motivation for funding of the proposed project including
• a project overview;
• a budget of how the funding will be spent;
• benefits of the project to the community;
• proposals should not exceed 10 pages.

west_park_studentsThe Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund Committee will evaluate the proposals for funding and then decide on the proposals which best meet the above criteria. Project co-ordinators will be notified by 31 October 2010 if their project proposal was selected for funding.

It is important to note that once the project has been awarded, the co-ordinator of the project is required to provide a full report, news clips, photos etc. in order for us to report back to the Sabinet shareholders .

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