top 10 legal articles from tech4law for 2015Money talks, or should we say money attracts people’s attention, especially when it is about your own salary benchmarks. Legal secretary salary survey results topped the top 10 list and also featured a number of times when we illustrated the results in different sectors – basically 4 of the top 10 were about the salary results.

Here are the top 10 articles from 2015, we pushed the other salary articles off the top ten – but links to them can be found at the bottom of this article:

  1. First results from the 2015 Legal Secretary Salary Survey
    It has been a long time coming, lots of begging and pleading and many, many reminders, but at last we have enough feedback to publish a reasonable guideline for legal secretary salaries in South Africa. Many thanks to all 458 respondents, without you the profession would be in the dark on secretary salaries.
  2. Fix the “Ooops I did not mean to send that!” email issue
    Have you ever selected ‘reply to all’ and then pressed ‘send’ in Outlook, only to realise in horror that the email was sent to the wrong recipient? If you have, you will know that your mind races to find possible ways to stop the message from being sent. ‘Recall’ seldom works quickly enough, and then you end up highlighting the fact to the unintended recipient when they see the message “… wishes to recall the message”. The mind races! “Maybe if I switch off the modem, or if I turn off the power to the PC!” Not fast enough. So is there a solution?
  3. Freeing Yourself from the Time Suckers in 2015
    Lawyers are besieged with time suckers: unscheduled phone calls, urgent emails and spontaneous interruptions for co-workers. But there is a way to take control of your limited time that you can focus on the “A” cases in your practice.
  4. The latest ….Only in South Africa series
    The great thing about South Africans, is that we can laugh at ourselves, or the absolute nightmare we are going through together. While doing a search for “South Africa” in Google, these are some of the real funny images I came across – here is my latest version of “Only in South Africa!”
  5. Students create law app that can be your legal researcher
    If you like Mike Ross, the brilliant pretend-lawyer on the popular TV show Suits, you’re in luck because now there’s an app for that. Students at the University of Toronto are behind the new app, named Ross after the TV character, and they say it may not get rid of lawyers but it is sure to become “a major disruption” in the legal profession.
  6. Man Falsely Accused of Child Porn Charges Cleared After Hiring Computer Forensics Expert
    Imagine this scenario: your employer gives you a ticking time bomb full of child porn and then you get fired and then you get prosecuted as some kind of freak. George Fitzmons spent seven months in San Bernardino County Jail, even though he was innocent of the charges against him. What were those charges? The charge was possession of child pornography; Mr. Fitzmons was facing life in state prison.
  7. LexisNexis South Africa agrees to acquire Korbitec
    LexisNexis South Africa, part of RELX Group, has agreed to purchase Korbitec (Pty) Ltd from the Naspers Group for an undisclosed amount. The transaction is subject to approval by the South African Competition Commission. Korbitec is a leading provider of content-enabled workflow solutions for South African property professionals, with two leading products, GhostConvey and Windeed, in addition to its Banking and Municipal services divisions.
  8. 14 Legal Billing Rules
    The following post concludes the series on excerpts from our free e-book, Ridiculously Remarkable Legal Billing. Better billing practices improve your law firm and your life. Here’s a summary of 14 rules from the book.
    RULE #1: The Longer You Wait, the Less You’ll Get Paid – The longer you wait to send out the bill, the more likely you’re in for a haircut and the bigger that haircut is likely to be.
  9. Cyber Crime Can Affect Your Business. Are You Protected?
    Surprisingly, computer criminals tend to have no prior record of crime. Computer criminals also tend to be responsible, honest people in a position of trust. In fact, many of the businesses that fall victim to a computer crime, find out that it was one of their employees that was the perpetrator of the act.
  10. What do lawyers want to know about marketing the law firm?
    New business does not walk in the door anymore – gone are the days you sit behind your large desk and clients queue up outside waiting to give you business. What can you do to bring clients, new and old back to your law firm? Tech4Law is about to start scheduling a new marketing roadshow for 2015 and before we prepare the course content, we want to know what you want to know about successfully marketing your firm in Southern Africa.

The other salary result articles…


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