Billable Hour Discussion

Some say the hourly rate is dead, others say it is alive and well – some say it has its place in certain matters, others say time x people x hourly rate is the way to measure revenue and costs.

We are going to be discussing AFAs, as it is now and how it will look going forward this coming Wednesday at 3:30pm, come and join the discussion to compare notes with other lawyers and see if the lurkers you are worried about exist or if others have found a way through to greener pastures.

“There has been increasing widespread dissatisfaction with the billable hour, and the profession’s real innovation and collaboration killer, the time sheet, for well in excess of a decade. The profession can bleat all it likes about clients demanding more certainty around price and wanting “more for less” but it can’t say it was not warned and cannot complain it didn’t bring all this on itself.

The profession can also not complain that they are blissfully unaware of any alternatives to time-based billing when genuine alternatives have not only been written and spoken about during this same period, but an increasing number of legal services and other professionals have been successfully operating a different and better business model for several years now.” – John Chisholm Consulting – October 2018

Where: At your desk – feet up and watching Zoom
What to bring: Cup of your favourite beverage

Date: Wednesday June 24th 2020
Time: 3.30PM
Duration: Estimated 30 minutes
RSVP: Email now for a place in the discussion
Seats are Limited


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