lawpropLAW Transfers has been given a fresh, new look. The new simpler design reduces dependency on client support processes and the user manual. Users are able to navigate between the lighter, simpler menu options at ease.

An exciting new feature is the ‘Chalk board’. Here, vital conveyancing notices are published, to update users on significant industry developments. This is particularly important where users need to be notified in advance of legal changes to mitigate against compliance delays e.g. the recent SARS announcement of its new e-filing process that came as a surprise to many users.


Benefits to the user
• The new menu is simpler and lighter.
• The setup process is easier, enabling the user to add correspondents and change their set up details without assistance.
• The Chalk board enables users to stay informed on the latest news and notices. Urgent communication can be viewed without logging out of the solution.

LAW Transfers is also an ABSA approved software solution for Linked Transfers. ABSA continues to allocate instructions to their panel attorneys, however if an attorney wants to attend to the linked Transfer for that matter they need to use an approved software solution.

For more information, please contact your Relationship Manager or email

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