winscribe_logoIn today’s organization people need the ability to be totally mobile while still having access to their core business applications such as internet, email and dictation. No one can afford lost productivity for staff members that are constantly on the move.

Winscribe has developed applications for mobile devices operating on the iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Dictation via PDA or Smartphone gives you both flexibility and convenience and all the functionality of a handheld recorder. These applications integrate right into your digital dictation workflow system and offset the challenges presented by the need for staff mobility. The applications are secure and as easy to use as desktop applications with the convenience of full mobility.

You get to be more productive, you have immediate access to client information and you provide better service levels to your clients.

Advantages of Winscribe’s Mobility Suite:

  • Increased productivity
  • Work from anywhere and at any time
  • All-in-one tool
  • Improved document turnaround time
  • Immediate access to client information
  • Better client responsiveness

Full Workflow Integration.
Winscribe’s Mobility has been designed to integrate with Winscribe’s digital dictation workflow system, enabling users to effectively manage the dictation and transcription process from anywhere and allowing users to send dictations securely and monitor the progress of sent jobs. With options to route work directly to a secretary or transcription team you have the power of choice in your hand. Dictations can be uploaded anywhere, anytime with client/patient demographics attached ensuring document accuracy and accelerating the transcription process.

Streamlined Workload.
Winscribe’s suite of mobile applications communicates directly with the Winscribe server, and dictations are immediately sent to transcription staff when an internet connection is present. This means that wherever your authors are, dictations are instantly made available to transcription staff, allowing for a more streamlined workload without peaks and troughs.
* When a connection is not present, dictations are saved to the local device or flash memory card and sent promptly when a connection is restored.

Secure Voice and Data Transmission.
Winscribe’s mobile applications allow dictations to be sent directly to a Winscribe server through a secure HTTPS transmission to meet the requirements for secure client data transmission. Winscribe Pocket Author for Windows Phones can also be configured to use 128-bit encryption ensuring patient/client confidentiality is never compromised.

Faster Document Turnaround through Optional Speech Recognition.
IntegrationWinscribe’s mobile applications record using high quality audio suitable for use with Winscribe’s server based speech recognition solution. Authors are free to dictate anywhere, anytime and have their dictation automatically routed for recognition. This optional functionality further improves document turnaround time.winscribe_ip

Models Supported

Windows Phone
The following operating systems are compatible with Winscribe Pocket Author:
• Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition • Windows Mobile Version 5.0, 6.0, and 6.1 • Microsoft Pocket PC Version 3.0 and above

Winscribe for iPhone supports iPhone devices* running iPhoneOS v. 3.1.3 and above, including:
• iPhone 3G • iPhone 3GS
• iPhone 4
* This application can also run on an iPad, iPod Touch 4 or iPod Touch 3 (requires a headset and a microphone).

winscribe_bbBlackBerry Smartphones
Winscribe for BlackBerry Smartphones supports BlackBerrys running V4.2.1 and above of the operating system including:
• BlackBerry Electron 8700 • BlackBerry Pearl 8100 and 9100 • BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 • BlackBerry Gamma Ray 8800
• BlackBerry Bold 9000 and 9700 • BlackBerry Storm 9500 • BlackBerry Storm2 9500 • BlackBerry Tour 9600
• BlackBerry Torch
• BlackBerry Curve 8300, 8500 and 8900

Innovative Features
• Record
• Playback
• Rewind/Forward
• Online/Offline functionality
• Insert/Overwrite
• Save to drafts folder
• Send immediately (or send from drafts once dictation is completed)
• View job progress

For more information on the product email, visit or call them on 011 887 1056.

Contributed by:
Powerhouse Dictation Systems


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