ExcaliburFutureSoft has expanded the Excalibur range by adding 4 additional variations of their Debt Collection Management System.

The Excalibur range now includes a Premium-, Classic- and Lite version to address the varying requirements of FutureSoft’s clients. Excalibur Premium includes a host of new technologies for the advanced collection specialist while Excalibur Lite brings the typical Excalibur functionality to the smaller collection agent at a Lite price.

Excalibur Classic represents the current middle-of-the-road Excalibur that addresses most of the needs of most collection agents. Excalibur Business is a version of Excalibur most suited to the in-house needs of South African Corporates for their early stage collections or credit management; while it adds comprehensive outsource and synchronisation functionality, bringing the creditor’s EDC closer to the creditor itself.

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