Dragon Professional v15

Dragon Professional Individual, v15, a smarter next generation speech recognition solution empowers busy professionals to complete documentation and reporting quickly and accurately on the PC, so you spend more time on activities that boost the bottom line.

Leveraging the latest in Deep Learning technology, Dragon constantly learns and adapts to your unique voice and environmental variations—even while you’re dictating—to deliver new levels of personalised accuracy and productivity. Robust transcription, powerful customisation, and the ability to seamlessly sync with the Dragon Anywhere mobile dictation solution extend the benefits of speech recognition to meet your unique business needs wherever your job takes you.

Dragon Professional Individual, v15 expands the possibilities of speech recognition innovation with a next-generation speech engine, significantly increasing accuracy over previous versions. Dragon uniquely brings consistent, optimal accuracy to the PC, with Deep Learning technology and adaptation techniques that continuously adjust to your voice or environmental variations, even while you’re dictating. Dragon v15 provides:

– Up to 15% improved accuracy out of the box without training

– Continuous learning—even during dictation—for individually adapted accuracy improvements that enhance the user experience

– Optimal accuracy achieved for speakers with accents or in slight noisy environments such as in a cubicle environment

Key features and benefits

  • Faster and more accurate than ever, with next-generation speech recognition technology that continues to adapt to your voice even while you’re dictating
  • Create, format and edit by voice quickly and efficiently
  • Easily create custom words such as proper names and specific industry terminology
  • Create custom voice commands to insert frequently-used text and graphics
  • Use a Nuance-approved digital recorder to capture thoughts on the go for later automatic transcription
  • Work easily on popular form factors such as portable touchscreen PCs
  • Even easier to get started with enhanced help

What’s new – What’s better

  • Faster & more accurate
  • Formatting and other recognition improvements, for minimal editing
  • Optimised for popular form factors such as touch screens
  • Improved set up
  • Improved user interface and experience
  • Enhanced transcription
  • Updated web and application support
  • Improved help

To find out more info or to book a demonstration to see how Dragon can be of benefit to you and your productivity, please call:

Powerhouse Dictation 

011 887 1056



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