New Olympus DS-9000

The DS-9000 – the final “cog” in the new Olympus PRO line-up of Digital Voice Recorders is now available in South Africa.

The DS-9000 replaces the extremely popular DS-7000, which has established a reputation for being a highly reliable top end recorder over the past 5 or so years that it has been in operation. The DS-9000 builds on this reputation by offering even more features and that legendary Olympus reliability – all for the same price as the old DS-7000.

We launched the new “top end” Olympus Recorder in April last year – the DS-9500. The new DS-9000 is built on the exact same platform as the popular DS-9500, the only difference being the DS-9000 does not have any WiFi functionality. For detailed specs on the DS-9000 please click on the link: DS-9000 Specs 



With the launch of the DS-9000, the Olympus Professional range of recorders has now been fully overhauled. The DS-9500 being the “top of the line” offering, followed by the new DS-9000 and the extremely impressive “entry level” offering in the form of the DS-2600.

For any busy professionals – in any industry, 2019 is the right time to upgrade to a new Digital Voice Recorder. Contact one of our branches today to arrange an obligation free demo on the fantastic new Olympus range of recorders.

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