Olympus DS2600

New to Digital Dictation or looking for an affordable entry into the professional digital market? The Olympus DS-2600 is the perfect tool for you.  For the first time in the digital dictation marketplace – an entry level PRO device features a 4-position slide switch, full color screen and stereo recording capabilities.

The DS-2600 has moved the bar in terms of what is considered an entry level PRO recorder. 

The new DS-2600 replaces the extremely popular DS-2500 – which has built a reputation over the years as a reliable and efficient entry level offering into the Olympus Pro range of devices. The DS-2600 builds on this reputation by offering a brand-new design, slide switch operation (for the very first time in an entry level device), full stereo recording capabilities (in PCM), color screen and lithium iron rechargeable battery pack. In addition to that, the DS-2600 comes supplied with the DSS Player Standard dictation management software – compatible with Windows and MAC. This user-friendly software gives a complete overview of all your dictations to get your dictations managed easily. It also automatically imports your dictations from the voice recorder to your computer. 

Key Features: 

  • 4-Position Slide Switch – enables easy and intuitive operation 
  • High Quality Low-Noise Microphone – The new DS series incorporates low noise omni-directional microphones and a shock absorber covers the microphone unit to minimize touch noises from your hand
  • Directional STEREO Recording – You can record your meetings with ease, but still in outstanding quality. 

Comfortable Transcription 

If you would like to transcribe your dictations, then the AS-2400 transcription Kit should be your choice. Included are comfortable stereo headphones and a foot pedal to operate the software, leaving your hands free for fast typewriting. The DS-2600 is also fully compatible with the NEW AS-9000 transcription kit. 

For further information on this exciting new product – please contact Maynards Office Technology: 

Tel: 0800 00 1922

Email: sales@maynards.co.za Web: www.maynards.co.za


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